Danny Thomas Party Rentals

We look forward to assisting you with your 2022 events! Please place an online quote, call us at 408-747-1000 or email us at info@dannythomaspartyrentals.com to reserve your rentals at least 2 weeks in advance. Our business hours are 9 am-4 pm (Monday-Friday). Our current minimum order is 500.00 plus delivery. We are currently not doing will call/pick up orders at this time due to a shortage of labor! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Our showroom is open by appointment only.

Beverage Service

If we don't have the product you're looking for, contact us as we're always expanding our inventory.

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Bar & Beverage Tips Champagne Fountain Instructions Coffee Percolator Instructions
Bar Equipment Details Price Qty
Bar, Serpentine Style with Riser (Skirting and Top Linen Additional) $42.50
Bar, Serpentine Style with Riser and Linen Linen Included in Black or White $91.00
Bar, 6' Banquet Style with Riser (Skirting and Top Linen Additional) $35.00
Bar, 6' Banquet Style with Riser and Linen Linen Included in Black or White $80.50
Bar, Plexiglass w/ lights Dimensions: Approx 10 feet long by 42" tall x 32" wide (Delivery only) $385.00
Bar, Rustic Alder Wood Dimensions: Bar Top 7' x 30"., Height 41.5". (Delivery Only) $325.00
Bar, Wine Barrel 2 Barrels with Plank 7.5'L x 28"W x 40"H $190.00
Coffee Service Details Price Qty
Coffee Percolator, Stainless 60 Cup (Electric) $40.00
Coffee & Tea Service Details Price Qty
Coffee Server, Plastic 5 Cup, White (Insulated) $8.50
Coffee Server, Stainless, Spout 8 Cup (Not Insulated) $10.50
Coffee Server, Stainless, Insulated 6 Cup (Insulated) $8.50
Coffee Air Pot 2.2 Liters (About 10 Cups) $16.00
Coffee Urn, Manhattan 48 Cup (Heated by Sterno) $55.00
Coffee Urn, Stainless Queen Anne 48 Cup (Heated by Sterno) $55.00
Sterno Fuel 2 Hr Burn $1.75
Serving Pitchers/Decanter/Bar Tools Details Price Qty
Pitcher, Plastic 60 oz $5.00
Pitcher, Stainless 64 oz $7.00
Decanter, Wine 1 Liter $5.50
Thermal Beverage Containers Details Price Qty
Thermal, Cool Beverage 5 Gallon, Insulated With Spout
*This Item Comes in Blue or White Depending on Availability
Cambro, Hot Beverage 5 Gallon $40.00
Cooler, White 35 Gallon $35.00
Bulk Beverage Servers Details Price Qty
Tub, Beverage, Black Plastic 16 Gallon $8.50
Tub, Beverage, Red Plastic 16 Gallon $8.50
Tub, Polished, Stainless 10 Gal, Insulated (Holds 7-9 Bottles) $37.00
Tub, Lexon, White 18L" x 26W" x 15D" $9.00
Champagne Fountains Details Price Qty
Champagne Fountain 5 Gallon Stainless (Electric) $80.00
Punch Bowls Details Price Qty
Punch Bowl, Stainless 5 Gallon $27.00
Punch Bowl, Ladle, Stainless   $5.50
Wine Buckets Details Price Qty
Wine Bucket, Stainless   $12.00