Danny Thomas Party Rentals

We look forward to assisting you with your rentals! Please place your orders at least 1-2 weeks in advance if possible! Please request a quote either online, by calling us at 408-747-1000 or emailing us at info@dannythomaspartyrentals.com Our current minimum order for delivery is $500.00 plus delivery fees. ** Reduced Winter minimum $250.00 rental order plus delivery fee. Our minimum order for will call/pick up is $100.00 and please note all will call orders have a $25.00 processing fee. Our showroom is open by appointment only Monday - Friday, 10 am - 3 pm


If we don't have the product you're looking for, contact us as we're always expanding our inventory.

Enter a quantity for each of the products you want, then click the "Add to Order" button at the bottom of this page. Flatware is packaged in increments of 10 so please order accordingly.

Table Setting Tips
Gotham Pattern Details Price Qty
Gotham Stainless Flatware Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Gotham Stainless $0.80
Knife, Butter, Gotham Stainless $0.80
Fork, Dinner, Gotham Stainless $0.80
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Gotham Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Tea, Gotham Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Soup, Gotham Stainless $0.80
Fork, Oyster, Gotham Stainless $0.80
Tivoli Pattern Details Price Qty
Tivoli Stainless Flatware Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Tivoli Stainless $0.80
Fork, Dinner, Tivoli Stainless $0.80
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Tivoli Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Tea, Tivoli Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Soup, Tivoli Stainless $0.80
Pacific Rim Pattern Details Price Qty
Pacific Rim Stainless Flatware Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner Pacific Rim Stainless $0.80
Knife, Butter, Pacific Rim Stainless $0.80
Fork, Dinner, Pacific Rim Stainless $0.80
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Pacific Rim Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Tea, Pacific Rim Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Soup, Pacific Rim Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Demitasse, Pacific Rim Stainless $0.80
Link Pattern Details Price Qty
Link Stainless Flatware Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Link Stainless $0.80
Knife, Butter, Link Stainless $0.80
Fork, Dinner, Link Stainless $0.80
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Link Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Tea, Link Stainless $0.80
Spoon, Soup, Link Stainless $0.80
Lucca Pattern Details Price Qty
Lucca Stainless Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Lucca Stainless $0.85
Knife, Butter, Lucca Stainless $0.85
Fork, Dinner, Lucca Stainless $0.85
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Lucca Stainless $0.85
Spoon, Tea, Lucca Stainless $0.85
Spoon, Soup, Lucca Stainless $0.85
Duchess Pattern Details Price Qty
Duchess Stainless Flatware Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Duchess Stainless $0.85
Fork, Dinner, Duchess Stainless $0.85
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Duchess Stainless $0.85
Spoon, Soup, Duchess Stainless $0.85
Spoon, Tea, Duchess Stainess $0.85
Majestic Pattern Details Price Qty
Set, Majestic Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Majestic Stainless $0.85
Knife, Butter, Majestic Stainless $0.85
Fork, Dinner, Majestic Stainless $0.85
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Majestic Stainless $0.85
Spoon, Tea, Majestic Stainless $0.85
Spoon, Soup, Majestic Stainless $0.85
Abbey Gold Pattern Details Price Qty
Abbey Gold Pattern Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Abbey Gold   $1.05
Knife, Butter, Abbey Gold   $1.05
Fork, Dinner, Abbey Gold   $1.05
Fork, Salad/Dessert, Abbey Gold   $1.05
Spoon, Tea, Abbey Gold   $1.05
Parker Pattern Details Price Qty
Parker Set Order Below  
Knife, Dinner, Parker   $1.05
Knife, Butter, Parker   $1.05
Fork, Dinner, Parker   $1.05
Fork, Salad/Cake, Parker   $1.05
Spoon, Tea, Parker   $1.05
Spoon, Soup, Parker   $1.05
Serving Utensils Details Price Qty
Serving Spoon, 12"   $4.00
Slotted Spoon, 12"   $4.00
Serving Fork, 12"   $4.00
Serving Tongs, 12"   $4.00
Serving Pastry Tong, Stainless   $4.00
Serving Tongs, Salad   $4.00
Ladle, Stainless   $5.00
Other Details Price Qty
Steak Knife Black Handle $1.15