Danny Thomas Party Rentals

We look forward to assisting you with your 2022 events! Please place an online quote, call us at 408-747-1000 or email us at info@dannythomaspartyrentals.com to reserve your rentals at least 2 weeks in advance. Our business hours are 9 am-4 pm (Monday-Friday).

Please note we are not able to accommodate new orders until after June 15th - We are fully booked. During the high season of May and June our minimum order is 1000.00 plus delivery, and we will not be doing will call/pick up orders during these months due to a shortage of labor.

Our showroom is open by appointment only.

Serving Pieces

If we don't have the product you're looking for, contact us as we're always expanding our inventory.

Enter a quantity for each of the products you want, then click the "Add to Order" button at the bottom of this page.

Chafing Dishes Details Price Qty
Chafing Dish, 8 Qt. Oblong - "Commercial" Insert Pan Not Included $26.00
Chafing Dish, 8 Qt. Oblong Roll Top 2" Insert Pan Included $55.00
Chafing Dish, 6.5 Qt. Round Roll Top Insert Pan Included $55.00
Chafing Insert Pan, Full Size 2" Deep   $6.00
Chafing Insert Pan, Full Size 4" Deep   $6.00
Chafing Insert Pan, Half Size 4" Deep   $3.00
Sterno Fuel 2 Hr Burn $1.75
Bowls Details Price Qty
Bowl, Plastic, 15" Diameter, Black   $4.50
Bowl, Plastic, 16" Diameter, Frost   $4.50
Bowl, White Ceramic, 12" Round Round $13.00
Bowl, White Ceramic, 10" Square Square $13.00
Bowl, White Ceramic, 12" Square With Square Rim $13.00
Bowl, White Ceramic, 14" Round Faceted $13.00
Bowl, White Melamine, 10" Square   $10.00
Bowl, White Melamine, 12" Square   $10.00
Bowl, White Melamine, 14" Round   $10.00
Bowl, Ramekin, White 3 oz Order in Crates of 25 $0.85
Bowl, Ramekin, White 4 oz Order in Crates of 25 $0.85
Gravy Boat, Ceramic, White 16 oz, One Piece $5.00
Sauce Boat, Stainless 8 oz $3.75
Crock, French Onion, White 13.5" $1.25
Platters, Trays & Bussing Details Price Qty
Platter, White Ceramic, 14" Oval Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Ceramic, 16" Round Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Ceramic,18" Oval Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Ceramic, 16" Square Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Melamine, Rectangular 28" x 16"   $10.00
Platter, White Melamine, Rectangular 22" x 12.75"   $10.00
Platter, White Melamine, Rectangular 19.5" x 10.75"   $10.00
Platter, White Melamine, Square 15.75"   $10.00
Tray, Stainless, 16" Round   $9.00
Tray, 3-Tier, 18",16",12" Stainless $45.00
Tray, Plastic, Round 16" Black   $8.00
Tray, Plastic, Oval 27" Brown (Bussing Tray)   $8.00
Tray Jack Stand, Dark Wood (For Bussing Tray)   $12.00
Tray Jack Stand, Chrome (For Bussing Tray)   $10.00
Baskets Details Price Qty
Basket, Bread, Wire, Oval   $6.00
Basket, Bread, Patina, Round   $7.00
Basket, Bread, Iron, Round   $8.00
Other Serving Items Details Price Qty
Salt & Pepper Set, Tall, Gold (Filled) Tall - Gold Tip $4.00
Salt and Pepper Set, Tall, Silver (Filled) Tall - Silver Tip $4.00
Salt and Pepper Set, Short, Gold (Filled) Short Square - Gold Tip $4.00
Salt and Pepper Set, Short, Silver (Filled) Short Square - Silver Tip $4.00
Tasting Spoon White China, 5" (Order in Increments of 10) $0.75
Plate Covers, Plastic Terracotta Color (Fits 10.25 Plates) $2.75
Plate Covers, Plastic Taupe Color (Fits 10.5 Plates) $2.75
Plate Covers, Stainless   $4.50
Tub, Bussing - Plastic 15" x 20" x 7"   $4.50