Danny Thomas Party Rentals

We look forward to assisting you with your 2022 events! Please place an online quote, call us at 408-747-1000 or email us at info@dannythomaspartyrentals.com to reserve your rentals at least 2 weeks in advance. Our business hours are 9 am-4 pm (Monday-Friday). Our current minimum order is 500.00 plus delivery. We are currently not doing will call/pick up orders at this time due to a shortage of labor! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Our showroom is open by appointment only.

Serving Pieces

If we don't have the product you're looking for, contact us as we're always expanding our inventory.

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Chafing Dishes Details Price Qty
Chafing Dish, 8 Qt. Oblong - "Commercial" Insert Pan Not Included $26.00
Chafing Dish, 8 Qt. Oblong Roll Top 2" Insert Pan Included $55.00
Chafing Dish, 6.5 Qt. Round Roll Top Insert Pan Included $55.00
Chafing Insert Pan, Full Size 2" Deep   $6.00
Chafing Insert Pan, Full Size 4" Deep   $6.00
Chafing Insert Pan, Half Size 4" Deep   $3.00
Sterno Fuel 2 Hr Burn $1.75
Bowls Details Price Qty
Bowl, Plastic, 15" Diameter, Black   $4.50
Bowl, Plastic, 16" Diameter, Frost   $4.50
Bowl, White Ceramic, 12" Round Round $13.00
Bowl, White Ceramic, 10" Square Square $13.00
Bowl, White Ceramic, 12" Square With Square Rim $13.00
Bowl, White Ceramic, 14" Round Faceted $13.00
Bowl, White Melamine, 10" Square   $10.00
Bowl, White Melamine, 12" Square   $10.00
Bowl, White Melamine, 14" Round   $10.00
Bowl, Ramekin, White 3 oz Order in Crates of 25 $0.85
Bowl, Ramekin, White 4 oz Order in Crates of 25 $0.85
Gravy Boat, Ceramic, White 16 oz, One Piece $5.00
Sauce Boat, Stainless 8 oz $3.75
Crock, French Onion, White 13.5" $1.25
Platters, Trays & Bussing Details Price Qty
Platter, White Ceramic, 14" Oval Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Ceramic, 16" Round Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Ceramic,18" Oval Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Ceramic, 16" Square Ceramic $13.00
Platter, White Melamine, Rectangular 28" x 16"   $10.00
Platter, White Melamine, Rectangular 22" x 12.75"   $10.00
Platter, White Melamine, Rectangular 19.5" x 10.75"   $10.00
Platter, White Melamine, Square 15.75"   $10.00
Tray, Stainless, 16" Round   $9.00
Tray, 3-Tier, 18",16",12" Stainless $45.00
Tray, Plastic, Round 16" Black   $8.00
Tray, Plastic, Oval 27" Brown (Bussing Tray)   $8.00
Tray Jack Stand, Dark Wood (For Bussing Tray)   $12.00
Tray Jack Stand, Chrome (For Bussing Tray)   $10.00
Baskets Details Price Qty
Basket, Bread, Wire, Oval   $6.00
Basket, Bread, Patina, Round   $7.00
Basket, Bread, Iron, Round   $8.00
Other Serving Items Details Price Qty
Salt & Pepper Set, Tall, Gold (Filled) Tall - Gold Tip $4.00
Salt and Pepper Set, Tall, Silver (Filled) Tall - Silver Tip $4.00
Salt and Pepper Set, Short, Gold (Filled) Short Square - Gold Tip $4.00
Salt and Pepper Set, Short, Silver (Filled) Short Square - Silver Tip $4.00
Tasting Spoon White China, 5" (Order in Increments of 10) $0.75
Plate Covers, Plastic Terracotta Color (Fits 10.25 Plates) $2.75
Plate Covers, Plastic Taupe Color (Fits 10.5 Plates) $2.75
Plate Covers, Stainless   $4.50
Tub, Bussing - Plastic 15" x 20" x 7"   $4.50