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Bar & Beverage Tips


Traditional cocktail glasses include the highball and old-fashioned (or rocks), however there are quite a few new cocktail style glasses that have become quite popular. Specialty cocktails are a big trend in large parties and weddings. Fun glassware for these drinks could range from stemless martini glasses to stemless wine glasses back to the traditional highball or shot glass. Whatever your event or drink style, we are sure to have a glass that will fit your glassware needs!

  • Water: Water Goblet, Wine All-Purpose, Highball, Stemless Wine
  • Cocktails: Highball, Old-Fashioned (or Rocks), Martini, Stemless Martini, Margarita
  • Beer: Pilsner
  • Champagne: Flute
  • Wine: White Wine, Red Wine, Crystal White Wine, Crystal Bordeaux, Stemless Wine

For every 10 adults, we recommend the following glass count:

Event Type Water Goblets Wine Glasses Cocktail Glasses Pilsner / Other
Brunch or Lunch 10 15 15 8
Sit Down Dinner 10 20 20 12
Brunch or Lunch 10 40 20 15


We suggest serving approximately two drinks per guest, per hour of your event. Obviously taste preferences vary, as does the event, but the most popular and commonly used liquors today are vodka, tequila, gin, scotch, whiskey, bourbon, and rum.

Wine & Champagne

A case of wine or champagne contains 12 bottles, each of which serves about four to six glasses. We recommend serving a 4.5 to 5oz portion, which will allow servings for about 50-70 guests per case.


One gallon of punch serves approximately 24 people.


One pound of coffee yields approximately 60 cups.