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Deep Fryer Instructions


Warning! Hot oil is extremely combustible and dangerous; it poses severe fire and burn hazards. DO NOT leave hot oil unattended or allow children or pets near it.

  • For questions on operating please contact us during normal business hours at (408) 747-1000.
  • After hours and emergencies, please call (408) 422-7043.


  1. Fill deep fryer with approximately 7 gallons of oil, to the oil level mark engraved inside the back of the tank.
  2. Turn the temperature gauge to the OFF position.
  3. Turn the gas valve on the deep fryer to the OFF position.
  4. Securely connect the hose to the propane tank and open valve.
  5. Turn gas valve on the deep fryer to PILOT position.
  6. Depress gas valve, wait 30 seconds, and hold it down while lighting the pilot. Use a long grill lighter to avoid contact with hands.
  7. After pilot is lit, continue to hold down the gas valve for about one minute.
    When lighting a manual pilot system, sufficient time must be allowed for the pilot flame to heat the thermocouple.
  8. Turn the gas valve and let the pilot burn for about 2 minutes.
  9. Turn the gas valve to the ON position and the temperature control knob to 200 degrees.
  10. If the pilot light goes out, repeat steps 5-9.
  11. Adjust the temperature control knob to the desired temperature.
  12. To turn the deep fryer off, turn the temperature gauge and the gas valve to the OFF position.
  13. Turn the propane tank valve OFF and DISCONNECT the hose.


Allow oil to cool down for 20-30 minutes. Drain oil from front valve into a bucket for disposal. Remove any cooking debris from tank. Rinse unit with HOT water before drying. There is a $75.00 cleaning fee for equipment returned not drained and rinsed.

  • Unit Specifications: Estimated 105 BTUs. 1-2 minute recovery time, depending on usage (frozen vs. thawed food). 6" clearance required for back/sides and 28" aisle in front.
  • Unit Dimensions: 49" tall x 15" wide x 31" deep
  • Basket Dimensions: 13" long x 6.5" wide x 6" deep. Unit comes with two baskets.