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Tips & Tools

Gas Grill Instructions


Please light the grill early enough to allow you some panic-free time. This also helps the grates heat up properly so the grill will perform well for you.

  • For questions on operating please contact us during normal business hours at (408) 747-1000.
  • After hours and emergencies, please call (408) 422-7043.


  1. Prior to opening the propane tank and lighting the grill, place all controls knobs in the CLOSED position (turned to the left, or 9 o'clock position). Also, make sure the drip pans/trays are seated all the way back (away from you). These are wrapped in foil for you to identify and to minimize cleaning.
  2. Secure the propane supply hose from the unit to the propane tank and open the valve on the tank. Hold a lit butane gun next to the first burner, starting from the left side, and turn the burner control knob to OPEN (pointing at you, or 6 o'clock position). The burner will ignite instantly. Give the burner a few moments to purge the line of air. There are 4 sections on the grill with 2 burners in each section. For lighting the entire grill, proceed to burner 3 and light it, then to burner 5 and light it, and finally to burner 7 and light it. The even numbered burners in each section will light instantly by simply turning it on. The flame from the odd numbered burners will ignite the even numbered burners in that section.
  3. While cooking, each burner can be adjusted to the desired temperature. By the nature of its design, the last section (furthest from the propane tank on the far right side) will burn the coolest. So we recommend using this section as a warming area or for well-done food after the juices have been sealed in.
  4. When finished cooking, close the valve on the propane tank, close each burner knob, and disconnect the propane cylinder.


Clean grates with non-metallic pad (such as Scotch-Brite) while grates are still hot.
NEVER use a wire brush on stainless steel grates.

Unit Specifications

  • Burners & Controls: 8
  • BTUs: 20,000 per burner
  • Total BTUs: 160,000
  • Unit Dimensions

    • Grill Dimensions: 23" x 70" x 31" tall
    • Cooking Size: 16.25" x 65"
    • Cooking Area: 1,056 sq. in.