Canopy & Tenting

Types of Tents

Danny Thomas Party Rentals provides canopies and tent rentals for any event size. We rent frame style tents which have no interior poles, but rather a framework of poles on the outside edges of tent (see picture). Please contact us so we can assist you with selecting the right size tent or canopy for your event.

For installation on grass, a tent can be anchored with stakes. For installation on hard surfaces, ballasts or water barrels will be used as anchors.

We do require a site inspection prior to installation for all tent rentals. One of our sales representatives will meet you at your event site to inspect the installation area and determine your exact tenting needs. We charge a $150 site consultation fee, which includes a scaled CAD drawing of your tent. The consultation fee will be applied toward your tent rental.

Tent Siding

To partially or fully enclose your tent, we offer a variety of sidewalls including solid white, clear, panoramic window and café style. One of our experienced sales representatives would be happy to assist you in selecting the siding that will best complement your event.

Tent Lighting

We offer several options to light the interior of your tent: chandeliers which hang from the center of the tent, track lighting which is mounted to the tent frame, and uplighting which is angled upwards to light the interior of the tent. Please contact us for a lighting quote.

Tent Flooring

Black astroturf and wood subflooring are available. Please contact us for a flooring quote.

Climate Control

We offer heating and cooling equipment to help control the interior climate of the tent for your event. In addition, if your event site does not have the capacity to power these machines, we can provide generators to ensure there is sufficient capacity to keep heating and cooling equipment powered. Please contact us for a quote on climate control and/or power supply options.

Additional Considerations

There are many additional considerations when renting a tent. Our sales representatives can assist you with city permits (required on all tents over 20’ x 20’), debris management, parking solutions, security services, site and utility survey, and any other needs you may have. Call to make an appointment for an on-site tent consultation.